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How to Choose Suitable Dress For Wedding Party?

Posted by [email protected] on November 11, 2015 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (1)

"Is it a suitable dress to come at this wedding?" Is one of the things that often cause headaches when they want to go to a wedding. In the 20s like this, wedding invitations endlessly to come over. I've got three invitations for the same day and 11 invitations in one month.

Anyway my mainstay during this time of course the robe. Not the usual casual gamis I wore to the office but the robe that there brocade robe of existing or payetnya.



Sometimes I also mix and match the dress and blazer ..



Only if relying on the robe and the same settings continuously (especially if it is still in the same circle of shame as well) ..

Ever dong Saturday went to the wedding of the X meet Y, nah tuh marriage next week Y ..

Period I wear the same clothes to the wedding X for Y's wedding to ...

If a different circle of hell I bodo future ..

Most ketahuannya fitting upload the same photo bride in social media (if there are diligently for police and bandingin).



Well it could still diakalin to borrow clothes to my sister or neighbor boarding memey me, Fida and Anggi ..

I already different right now boarding ...


Kepikiran want to go buy clothes but when it's time?

Hmmm ....

Monday to Friday working at home office at 6 pm .. the new out of the office at half past seven malem usually ...

Want to go shopping fitting home office, jammed kepikiran trip to malnya ..

I mean that's fit hour rush hour

Males and guns also tasty trip to the mall in a state of tired, hungry and tight mall closing time ..

Pas shopping so it was time limited and rushed afraid store closed.


Go Saturday? Quite often the invitation Saturday, also in the morning if you want dateng fitting akadnya ..

Jeng jeng!

When will my shopping if so ?!

Confused and dizzy right?

Equally I also ..



Pas again dizziness, kepikiran clothes shopping for her wedding party to online aja times yes?

So shopping can be guns in a state of tired, hungry and tight mall closing time.